Pottery by: Kim J Brungraber

About Kim 

Kim is a Pensacola, Florida artist. Lived most her life in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Excelled in Oil painting, and graphic arts in high school and many years after. Received professional oil painting lesson in Egg Harbor, Wisconsin and Wilkes-Berrie Scranton, PA. Moved to Pensacola, Fl. in 2009. Throwing pottery on the wheel and hand building pottery gives her pleasure and tranquility. Kim's inspirations comes from her years of oil painting flowers, nature and her love of underwater life during scuba diving in the oceans around the world. The magnitude of ways to express herself through pottery still amazes and inspires her to try different techniques of glazing, firing pottery, and the functions of different clay bodies. Kim hopes you will enjoy her award winning pottery and that you will cherish the unique pieces that you purchase. Kim is a member of the First City Potters Guild and currently in two galleries. Her working studio is currently at her home.